Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Applebee's served this baby a margarita in a sippy cup

Image courtesy of WJBK (myFox Detroit)

Last Friday at an Applebee's in Michigan, Taylor Dill-Reese ordered an apple juice for her 15-month-old son.

After a few swigs from his sippy cup, the boy started behaving oddly: "He was saying 'hi' and 'bye' to the walls," Dill-Reese said, "He eventually laid his head down on the table and we thought maybe he was just sleepy."

Dill-Reese tasted the drink and realized it contained an alcoholic margarita mix.

The toddler was rushed to the hospital where he registered a .10 blood alcohol level.

The mom says a manager apologized to the family but didn't know what else to do. Thankfully the child is okay after being checked out at the hospital. Applebee's issued a statement calling the incident "unacceptable" and promised to work with local authorities and even conduct their own investigation.

Promises to get to the bottom of things

This is just hilarious to me! My question is, which bartender has been covertly drinking margaritas out of children's cups? Looks like your bulletproof cover has been blown! Seriously, though, a kid blowing .10; that is just priceless. Go Applebee's!


  1. Stay classy Applebee's (I'm surprised people still eat there).

  2. how does something like that even happen?

  3. Hhahaha someone lost thier job over this!

  4. You're the only person I've heard talking about this that has given a reason why this could have happened. The bartender covertly drinking from a sippy cup story makes sense.

  5. What's weird is this keeps happening all over the US, at different restaurants... and it is ALWAYS with the apple juice.

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