Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thanks go out to. . .the. . .uh. . .KKK?

As you may have guessed, assholes from the Greater Westboro Douche Society (aka, Westboro Baptist church) protested Memorial Day observances at the Tomb of the Unknowns on Monday.  If you are not familiar with these pieces of shit, they protest at a wide variety of sad and/or tragic events, ranging from funerals of soldiers to the recent tornadoes in Joplin, MO, offering such gems of wisdom as "God hates you" and "pray for more dead soldiers."  Apparently God is punishing the US for the tolerance (and *gasp* even acceptance!) of homosexuality in our society, and what better place to let us know than at emotionally charged events, like the tragic death of a loved one?  Of course, if some mourner was to get fed up and punch a protestor, then the protestors could sue the mourner, and make more money for their cause - brilliant!

I would like to take this moment to acknowledge that I thought long and hard before deciding to post about these dildos - I find all of their actions despicable, and I truly wish that we could just ignore them, and then they would go away.  I really didn't want to even give them the attention of the few who read my blog, but let's face it, the media can't ignore them, and this provides me a platform with which to insult the head choad, Fred "if my penis was only three inches longer, it would be two inches long" Phelps, so I'm now OK with it.

Anyways, now that I have cataloged my disgust with this particular pack of peckerheads, you can imagine my lack of surprise to find out that once again, there they were, this time at the observance of Memorial Day at Arlington.  I then heard that this time, there were counter-protestors on the scene.  I realize that counter-protesting these scumbags is kind of like telling a bully to stop picking on you (as opposed to kicking him squa in na nuts), and doesn't really accomplish anything other than letting the bully know that he's getting to you, but hey, these losers really aren't going anywhere anyway, so we might as well have someone protest them.  And who was it that showed up for the counter-protest?

Why, none other than the Ku Klux Klan.

Wait, there's actually a group that I'll side with the KKK against?  Apparently there is.  What a crazy world in which we live!

I guess only 10 members of the "Knights of the Southern Cross" (with a name like that, they could be Aussies instead of Virginians) showed up, but it's more than I did to show those wastes of plasma just how I feel.

My feelings. . .so conflicted.  Maybe I should just focus on my contempt for Fred "it's not gay if I don't cup the other guy's balls" Phelps.  I guess that will help ease my confusion on agreeing with the KKK on an issue.  Really, how terrible can you be if the KKK rightfully hates you?

But this whole thing also makes me question who is running the show - how is it that you can spew all kinds of hatred towards American soldiers at a ceremony to commemorate our heroes when you can't even dance in the Jefferson Memorial?


  1. While the KKK is rarely right, you can't but help agree that Westboro is a much worse group of inbreed morons. I hope they eventually get charged with treason or something. The worst part it really is mostly one family and they are doing it for the attention and the money that they pull in.

    Also, I've met a few of the guys who got arrested for dancing. They have been involved with protests of the Federal Reserve and stuff before. Pretty nice guys, but not always the smartest in their tactics, they are a bit known in the D.C. area. But that doesn't make the actions of the police excusable. The cops were clearly in the wrong and used excessive force. I kinda wish more people there in the memorial stood up for those guys.

  2. God save the KKK. They always know what's right and wrong. XD

  3. When the KKK says 'Hey, guys... your behavior is unacceptable', maybe it is time to rethink your conduct.

  4. I think they are all off their nuts lol.

  5. Have you seen the video of the Westboro guys running away from the crowd intent on their death? I honestly don't lose much sleep over the WBC jokers. I'm all about freedom of speech, and I personally think more people break the social contract daily (talking on the phone while dealing with a cashier when there's a huge line behind you at a store) in ways that piss me off daily.

    I'll be honest I'm more pissed off at the Patriot Guard Riders' leadership because they told me that they don't worry about the WBC anymore because the WBC obeys mourning laws (where they have to stay so far away from the funeral) and "we have grown way beyond them." This was in response to me posting on a mission thread about the WBC just having announced they were coming to the funeral. It was the Patriot Guard Riders that reaffirmed my belief in both America and it's commitment to freedom of speech a couple years after Michael Moore first introduced me to them on The Awful Truth. To me, that's their main job!

  6. I watched the video thinking that it was going to turn into a flash mob with the cops just acting. Still that was pretty nuts.