Sunday, December 12, 2010

The expedient "Brett Favre probe"

I would like to first point out that the "Brett Favre probe" I am talking about is not actually Brett Favre's penis; I am talking about the investigation into the pictures of his penis (and accompanying texts) that he sent to Jenn Sterger, which made for a pretty cut-and-dry case of sexual harassment.  Now, at the time that all of this came out, Roger Goodell promised that the investigation into the alleged misconduct would proceed quickly, and if a punishment was warranted, he would dish it out accordingly.  Of course, at the time that this all came out, I was curious to see how strict Goodell would be with Favre, since he's practically the poster boy for the NFL.  I figured that the "quick" "investigation" would not have official results until (sheerly coincidentally) the end of the season, and then Favre would be suspended for X number of games (keep in mind I'm a Steelers fan who thought Roethlisberger got hosed), but wait, Favre is retiring, so his suspension won't mean anything!

Well, not surprisingly, according to USA Today, "NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is now reviewing the league's investigation into alleged misconduct by Minnesota Vikings QB Brett Favre."  What an amazingly quick investigation!!  Favre only met with NFL security in October; at this pace, we should have some kind of verdict just after the Super Bowl!!!

It's all a bunch of hooey anyways, though, because Goodell just wants to show how serious he takes these offenses against women so that women everywhere can see how much the NFL loves them, so they should start watching football regularly!  Why do you think everyone in the NFL wore pink in October???

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