Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Baseball - once the thinking man's game, now the sport of morons?

OK, ok, it still is the thinking man's game, what with Tony La Russa constantly batting the pitcher eighth.  But it seems to me that after last Thursday, when a fan tragically died falling over the rail while leaning to catch a ball tossed at him, people would take greater care, you know, when leaning over rails to catch balls.

I guess I was wrong.

From last night's home run derby:

 I get being all excited to catch a ball from the home run derby, but come on.  Please be dumber.  What's especially notable is that this guy and his friends had already caught two home run balls.

Here's a different angle:
I'm kind of sad that they were able to successfully catch this guy, because I think the gene pool would have appreciated his exit.  Unfortunately, then there would be a lawsuit, and that would also anger me.  How is it that in America, if you kill yourself through your own stupidity, your family can still profit off of it?


  1. This entire post made me rage a little inside,

    but the suicidal fan made me smile =D What a moron like you said

  2. From the look of the guy I don't think you have to worry about him adding anything to the gene pool.

  3. Sad sad little world we live in.