Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The only thing I love more than NASCAR is Jesus. . .and maybe my smokin' hot wife!

OK, so I'll admit, I'm not really a NASCAR fan.  I don't have a favorite driver, and I don't really ever watch it.  I have been known to drink a few beers while watching cars go around in circles, but that's about it.  This guy, though, loves him some NASCAR:

That's a pretty ferocious combo of loving Jesus, NASCAR, and your smokin' hot wife!  Buggity, buggity, buggity!


  1. Rofl. He sounds so enthusiastic, I bet he was out of breath for a good few minutes after that. Well, after that and the 5 cakes he devoured.

  2. no shit, that guy doesnt fuck around

  3. Haha this is so funny. NASCAR fans are seriously intense. I worked at an event once and it was worth going for people watching alone. It also really sucks being a girl and meeting Nascar fans and they ask if you're named after Dale Earnhardt.

    Nice post

  4. hehehe, these nascar guys ...