Sunday, July 10, 2011

Casey Anthony - untouched by justice system, untouched by porn industry

Unlike what I can only presume to be the vast majority of Americans, I didn't get all caught up in the Casey Anthony trial.  I didn't watch any of the trial broadcasts, and I didn't tune in for daily reports and updates on the trial.  I did occasionally stumble across news stories describing how a "smell expert" concluded that the trunk of a vehicle did, in fact, have the stench of death in it, and proceeded to roll my eyes.  Needless to say, I was not completely devastated when the verdict was announced (not guilty on murder, manslaughter, etc. - only guilty of 4 counts of lying to the police), because I did not have the kind of personal connection with someone I didn't know who lived a thousand miles away that only the media can provide.  I was somewhat taken aback at how many people on facebook pledged to wear purple the next day in honor of Caylee Anthony or complained about how dumb the jury was and how could such a tragic miscarriage of justice occur.  As I do oh-so-often these days, I could only shake my head in disbelief.

First of all, the tragic miscarriage of justice was the prosecution, trying a capital murder case with a pile of circumstantial evidence.  Sure, it can happen, but in this age of CSI and Law & Order, your "smell expert" testifying pretty much screams that the rest of your case is garbage.  Was that supposed to have the effect of a smoking gun?  It's no wonder that the jury took a day to return the "not guilty" verdict.

Second, yes, world, everyone knows that she did it.  Unfortunately (for you in this case, but very fortunately for you when you become the accused), in our system of jurisprudence, simply "knowing" that she did it because of the way she acted (not reporting you child's disappearance for a month?) and proving that she did it are two different things.  It's hard to find someone guilty of murder when you can't prove that a murder has actually occurred.  And as detestable as some may find it to be for Casey Anthony to walk free, I would much rather have that than a rash of innocent people jailed with the "come on, jury, you know she did it - why should we waste our time proving it?" argument. 

Not good enough for porn.
Speaking of detestable, I laughed a little when I heard that Vivid Entertainment made an offer to Casey Anthony to do porn.  I then laughed a little more when I heard that the offer was quickly rescinded. Vivid chief Steven Hirsch: "It has become obvious to us that Vivid fans, and people in general, want nothing to do with her and that includes a XXX movie. We want to make movies that people want to watch and we now believe that we underestimated the emotional response that people are having to the verdict. A movie starring Casey Anthony is not what people want to see."

So basically, people wanted to see Casey Anthony bent over by the justice system, but not bent over in a porn flick.  How hideously unwanted are you when there's not even enough demand for you to turn your notoriety into a porno?  I'm no connoisseur, but let's see - John Bobbit made one, the Octo-mom has an offer, Sarah Palin's lookalike made one, and I won't even discuss Ron Jeremy - but the sin industry says no to Casey Anthony.

I can't decide if I'm pleased because it reflects the world's collective disgust at her as a person, of if I'm a little sad because I wanted to see her completely sell out.

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  1. Lmao that is great! I'm GLAD she can't even get a job in porn. It already pisses me off that somewhere somehow Casey Anthony is going to make a buck somewhere down the lines for being "famous" because of this whole trial. Good for you Vivid Entertainment...but you shouldn't have even considered it! would have been funny if she agreed to do the porn and then they were like "PSYCH! We don't want you in our porn. ;D"