Thursday, July 21, 2011

Do you need a fishing license to catch Osama bin Laden?

I was on my way to work this morning, and I heard this guy on the radio talking about how he was going to search the North Arabian Sea and find the body of Osama bin Laden.  Check out the bin Laden Sea Hunt.  Really - this guy, Bill Warren, who (according to the bio page on his website) splits his time between treasure hunting, singing, and "his historic home renovation business in St. Louis, Missouri," plans on finding the body of bin Laden, fishing it out of the ocean, and DNA testing it to prove whether we really got him.
This is the guy who will comb the oceans for the body.

I *said* they should have released the pictures!

On the radio, he was asked what happens after he finds the body and does all that.  He then informed the listening audience that "a Pakistani man with a Pakistani accent" has offered him $20 million if he finds the body so that it can receive a proper burial.  So if you've been trying to pick up a little bit of spare cash, it sounds like one hell of a moneymaking opportunity!  All you need is a john boat and a boatload of optimism!

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  1. Wow... that certainly is one way of making money. Not gunna be easy though. I mean.. how do we know that he's really down there for one thing? He could have been dead for years and was buried somewhere else for all we know. Obama just pulling this stunt out of his ass to make himself look better, waiting for the right time to tell everybody that Osama is already dead. idk, dude. I just don't know....