Monday, May 16, 2011

I told you so!

From the Washington Post:

Donald Trump says he won’t run for president in 2012

Surprise, surprise.  Well, maybe not for me.  Looks like the sideshow is over, at least for now.  “After considerable deliberation and reflection, I have decided not to pursue the office of the presidency,” Trump announced in a statement on Monday. Of course, being Donald Trump, he continued: “I maintain the strong conviction that if I were to run, I would be able to win the primary and, ultimately, the general election.”

Of course.

I know that the only time I ever decide not to run for president is when I would win. 

It was good while it lasted, though.  I never really considered The Donald to be anything other than a megalomaniac fattening at the trough of the media, but I did enjoy his self-centered non-conformist style.  If only all politicians would at least be honest about their love for themselves.

See you later, Donald!  I guess we just have to wait until your next self promotion opportunity?


  1. And I was really hoping to see the Apprentice/White House crossover.

  2. trump is so evil he casts no shadow! or maybe that means hes a ground hog >.>

  3. I have to admit, I got it wrong, but I think this was more of an affect of the past two weeks (Birth Certificate presented/Osama shot in the eye) bringing down his poll numbers, and it also coincides with being a day or two after the news of television cancellations came out. I think if Celebrity Apprentice was cancelled he would have run. Instead it was picked up for another season.

  4. What a relief. His apparent honesty about what his motives would be for actions such as attacking Libya (i.e. in the nations best interest because of oil) did provide a different twist on the normal political double-talk. The world is a better place with him staying in his fantasy TV world.

  5. What a man. Only his mum could love him lol.

  6. hehehe, I really dont think he could have made it, but then again thats what they said about a black president

  7. As a businessman, I'm sure he saw a political campaign with little chance of success as a poor investment. I'm not surprised he didn't run either.